Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well, There's So Much to Talk About

I have so much to talk about that I can't organize it all.

I'm going to start with my post-80 experiences.

After I finish writing this post, I'm going to update the Armory link to that of Xaith, so ya'll can look at that.

The other day (don't ask me which) is when it all started. I hit 80 the Sunday before Christmas, and I was slowly but surely getting a little bit of gear here and there. The next day (after I dinged) I wanted to do a Heroic really badly, but couldn't muster up a tank. After looking in Dalaran for a while, a Pally Tank messaged me (who is now my current Guild Leader, (more on that later) (was that a parenthetical epxression inside a parenthetical expression? why, yes, it was)). I wanted to run Culling of Stratholme because I had learned a couple of days before that there was a mount you could grab if you did some sort of timed event. I got in there, mind you, this is my first instance besides Utgarde in ALL of Wrath of the Lich King. My gear sucks at this point, but we continue in. Long story short, the pally tank is uber, we clear the thing faster than he'd ever done it, (9 minutes left on the timer) and I won every drop, including the Bronze Drake. I had gotten 3 or 4 upgrades from the instance, and I was bolstering with confidence, I ran a couple more the same day.

I kept that Pally Tank on my Friends List, and hit him up every day for the next 4 or so days to do the Daily Heroic and a couple more. He brought his guildies for most of these runs. I'm starting to realize that I'm starting to get some upgrades, and that I should actually start getting in to the mindset of getting back in to the raiding scene. I check out my Hit, too low, and work on that first. Anywho, skipping all the boring details, I decide to join the guild of my new Pally Tank friend, because I felt like I was stealing loot from them (with all the Heroics I was bumming off of them.) That night, I realized that I need to show these guys something, and I dropped about 1800g on the mats for a Titansteel Destroyer.

The next day was a 10 Man Naxx day for my new guild, and I was invited briefly, but removed when someone better came online. I went to Storm Peaks and did the 100 quests for the Achievement in 1 day, recieving several upgrades, and about 1000g of the 1700g I had just spent. (I did all this because someone told me Sons of Hodir rep was important).

So, I got myself hit capped, and I had my spiffy epic weapon, and I was all proud of myself, and our guild decided to do 25 Man Naxx, of which 7 or so were pugged. I was all excited to test out my skills and abilities and to really show them that I had something to bring to the table. We start out that night and a Death Knight mentions right before we get to the First Boss of the Arachnid quarter how great he was doing on DPS, that he was 2nd. I thought to myself that if a Death Knight this well geared is 2nd on Damage Meters, I'm toast. I pop open Recount and lo and behold, guess who was #1? Xaith. I was so proud of myself, mainly because I have never raided as a Ret Pally before, and I had only done 3 or 4 Heroics, and was just going on what I knew, and it worked.

We cleared 2 quarters, and I got my Tier 7.5 Shoulders off of Loatheb. I prayed to the WoW God for these bad boys.

So anyway, all that's well and good, and I'm about to go to lunch today, and I realize that my helm blows, so I drop about 1000g on mats for a Spiked Titansteel Helm. I then went and did from 100-137 quests in Icecrown and almost made back that entire 1000g.

Anywho, this week has been a blast, my Christmas was great, I've got 10 Man Naxx clear that I'm guaranteed to be in for on Thurs/Fri, and I want to thank The Forgotten Few for being so open and loving to me, and counting me in on everything that's going on.

I've got a great story to tell you guys about how I killed The Lich King.

You've been Hathorned.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Okay, so...

Well, I figured it was time for a change.

My Druid isn't my main anymore, and I think my Blog should reflect that. The web address will stay the same, and I will still sign off with "You've been Hathorned." However, the stories are going to become more Paladin themed.

I will eventually get to leveling my Druid, but there is so much for me to do right now with my Paladin that I have to catch up with everything (Sons of Hodir Rep, Get Badges, Raid, Do Heroics, Quest, Rep Grinds, and it's slightly overwhelming. However, I realize it's just a game, and I'm looking forward to starting anew with the blog, and writing about something fresh and interesting. Wait, did I just refer to Ret Paladins as "fresh and interesting?" Why, yes, I did. They're so much fun to play, and in the coming days, while I'm still on vacation, I will talk about my experiences thusfar, both raiding, and the class in general, as well as some PvP stuff and more general non-funny anecdotes courtesy of me.

Thanks for bearing with me,

You've been Hathorned.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Updates Coming Soon About the Blog...

For now, take a look at the new picture!

You've been me'd.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

May all your hits, be crits!

You've been Hathorned.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


80 on my Pally.

This is a short post.

I'm realizing that this blog hasn't been much about Druids lately,
and I don't know what to do about it.

More later.

You've been Xaith'd.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quick Update

Just hit 77 on my Paladin, got Cold Weather thanks to an awesome guildie, and everything is great.

Zul'drak is way easier Flying, and I can only imagine that Sholozar/Storm Peaks/Icecrown will be that much easier with it.

I added my little Sig thing for my paladin at the top, and got rid of the Obama thing, he's been elected, time to go down.

You've been Hathorned.

(You've been Xaithed doesn't have a good ring to it.)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Now They're Just Getting Greedy

I opened up Firefox, it opened up World of Warcraft's homepage, my homepage, and I click on General Forums.

LO AND FREAKING BEHOLD: There are ads. Not just ones on the thread pages, but in each individual thread, all with individual URLs to prevent AdBlocking just the one image/website. However a clever forum poster found a solution, and I'm putting it here:

How To Remove The Ads:

Use Firefox (a given).
Download the following addon:

Install then restart.

Now, open up a topic on the forums. Right click on the ads (or big black area if you are using Ad-Block), click RIP Advanced, then choose Remove From This Website option.

Now, right click on the area where ads are (or would be, if you are using Ad-Block) again, then click Remove This Permanently.

Voila, ads gone and frames fixed!

This worked perfectly for me, I just had to fiddle with hitting "Permanently Remove iFrame" a couple times to get all the layers to go away. Now I'm clean, just as a I was before.

Phew, close call.

You've been Hathorned

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some of You Might Be Saying...

Jesus Christ it's been a long time. However, I don't think anyone is saying that except me.

Anywho, to today's poast. Err.. post.

I preempted the Great Hunter Nerfs '08 (GHN08). I foresaw them, I predicted that they would be coming. After I saw the glee that Bigredkitty was enjoying I knew the devs wouldn't let him have his cake and eat it too. I got to 73, realized that Hunters were going to get Nerf Tanked soon, and dropped my Hunter.

I started leveling my Paladin from 65-70, and that took my about 2 days RL time because of the leveling speed nerf. Got to 70, and I'm now 76. I started out with about 1400g to my name (from leveling 70-73 on my hunter, I had just bought epic flyer for him before LK came out) and I started saving.

*quick tip* If you are saving for your epic mount... do whatever you do to get money, play the AH, dance naked on Mailboxes, I don't care. In order to keep your money, though, make a level 1, or use another alt, and send every bit of gold over about 50g (or 25g, set the limit for yourself) to that character. You don't even realize how fast it will accumulate. I sent 1350 of the 1400 I had to Hathorn (who is sitting in Dalaran enjoying the sights) and 50 to my Paladin. Every time I finished 5 or 6 quests, I'd have 125-200g, and I'd send all of it, except for 50, to Hathorn. Low and behold, in 6 levels, I had 5000g to buy my epic flying skill.

Okay, back to the real stuff.

I hit 76, had 5200g, sold some stuff at auction I'd been accumulating, went to SMV, got my skill, whatever, now I have about 200g to my name. I need to make 750 in the 78% of a level I have left, else, I might cry if I can't fly immediately. So, that's fun.

Grizzly Hills is a very, VERY, fun zone. It is visually stunning, everything is spread out nicely. Venture dailies make me happy, and Venture Coins are good for stuff too. I really liked the Fjord, and I really liked Dragonblight (Wrathgate eat my heart out.) However, Grizzly was the first zone where I got a sense of the massiveness of the world, huge trees, strong questlines (especially Ursoc), and I'm really enjoying it there. I've got about 12 quests left, so I'm happy.

On to Paladins. Retribution is $&#*ing fun. %&$*ing fun. My Paladin was my first 60, I cleared MC more times than I want to remember, did BWL at least 15 times, AQ20 down, ZG down, AQ40 to the Twin Emps. I experienced everything except Naxx on this character. Now I'm back at it, and back then, I was Holy (because Ret blew, so did Prot (kinda')). I feel like a Warrior-Priest, I'm dealing damage, getting instant heals, contributing to groups with Replenishment, and all the Imp Ret. Aura talents. I'm just having a blast.

Even though we were shot by the Nerf Tank, I think we're perfect now, and just need a little fine tuning. Like the recent change to Divine Shield/Forbearance/Avenging Wrath. Shared 30s cooldown is reasonable, and Divine Shield hacking 50% of our damage is fine too, because ususally, I'm either healing in Divine Shield, or Hearthing. I mean, let's face it, sure it's 12 seconds of immunity, that's definately abusable, but it's always just a panic button for me. Doing less damage while in it isn't as big a priority for me as is staying alive.

Anyway, I know this is supposed to be Druids Do It Animal Style, but for a while, it might turn into "The Light and How to Swing It."

You've been Hathorned.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Post About Stuff Coming At Some Point...

Probably about my new love.

Starts with an "r" and rhymes with pet rallys.

You've been Hathorned.