Monday, February 25, 2008

How to Druid 1v1

Edit: Kreeonah reminded me to put in the link to this awesome website.

Edit 2: I forgot to clarify, these are FERAL Druid PvP tactics. Some people were confused and asked me why I never cast Moonfire..

It allows you to see what's wrong with your character, rate it, and it even allows you to do Guild Audits to make sure everyone is where they need to be in terms of gear, enchants, and gems.

As Blizzard has stated, this game is not designed towards 1v1, but there are numerous times where the outcome of an Arena Match comes down to a 1v1, or you're dueling for a raid spot, or you're screwing around with Kreeoni, making him think he's good.

So I come to you today, with my experience on what to do against all the other classes in 1v1. My goal is to make this from personal experience only, not using any guides, or CliffsNotes: Druid, or anything like that.

Before I start however, I'd like to point out that it is really great to have NECB found here. It keeps track of cooldowns, spellcasting, and the like.

Hathorn's Druid Guide to 1v1 and You

1) Mages:

Sucks to be you if they're Frost with cooldowns. The trick to this fight is making sure you have enough mana to be able to shift back and forth out of Frost Nova/Frostbite, and staying close to the mage. Putting pressure on your target always makes them do worse, and that means you do better. If they pop the Frost Elemental, DPS it down first, then continue back onto the mage. Mages in PvE gear will go down in 3 or 4 Shred Crits, so just stick to it.

If they're Fire/Arcane watch out for AP/PoM/Pyro, when you see them start getting all electicified, hit Bear Form ASAP to help you take the blunt of the blow. Charge them, Bash, and hope Blink is on CD so you can Cyclone and Heal.

Mages are all about putting pressure to make them cast the wrong spells, staying close, and outlasting their damage.

2) Hunters

Lots of people have varying results with Hunters, but I for one find them extremely easy to beat (BRK will fire me for saying that, but I'm still waiting to duel him.)

Beast Mastery seems to be the easiest for me. Pounce (if trapped: Trinket) -> Mangle -> Shred -> Shred (Hopefully you have 5 CPs) -> Rip or Maim (if they have gotten you down a bit) -> Bear Form or Mangle/Shred (if you Maimed)-> Charge -> Bash (if you need it) and then do what you have to to finish them off. I don't really know what else to say other than stay close and don't let them get a Concussive Shot on you.

MM Hunter's ranged attacks are more powerful, so if you let them get away they will do a lot of damage, fast. Trinket out of Frost Trap, stay close, abuse Maim, Cyclone, Feral Charge, and Bash. Also, don't be afraid to Ferocious Regeneration if you need to.

Survival, basically, for these guys, all you have to do is, /dance.

3) Warriors

The key to Warriors is getting the jump on them, watch their Rage bar, and if they have any you can be taken out of Stealth until they run out, so stay away. Pounce and DPS them down until you can get a 5 point rip, then just go in Bear Form and Mangle/Lacerate/Maul until their down, and if you run into trouble, Bash/Cyclone and Heal or Barkskin and Heal. Pretty easy, especially if you have a high amount of Dodge.

4) Warlocks

You know, most people say Warlocks are OP, and I say to them, yes, but only if they have good gear. A warlock with equal gear to you is as fair game as a Turkey with a .45 is to a Hunter (IRL).

Affliction is all sucky, Siphon Life and Drain Life = suck. Not much you can do if fear lasts long, the only thing I hope for is a crit. Shred crits on a S1/S2 Warlock for ~2800, a couple of those and it gets a little easier. Abuse Maim, and heal if you can when you can Cyclone. The key is to stay in their grill and knock them around as hard as you can, if you can't kill them before they get a fear off, it might be over.

SL/SL sucks even more, and I don't have a strat for this because I've never won.

Demonology is hard too, just hard to kill, DPS as hard and as fast as you can.

Destruction is pretty easy, not too much CC, basically like a Shadow Mage with Fear. DPS hard, stay close, don't let them control the fight.

5) Druids

Balance is the easiest, Pounce, Mangle, and KILL. Don't let them get off too many spells, Shred for a lot and just keep at it. Should go fast.

Against other Ferlol Druids, it just comes down to gear and skill. I only have trouble against other Druids if they have S3 and stuff higher than me, other than that just do what you would do against a Rogue or Warrior.

6) Rogues

Rogues blow if they have CD's, any spec. Survival is the key. Rogues can't Cloak of Skill out of Bleeds, so Lacerate, Pounce, and Rip is your friend. Keep FF on for when they Vanish w/o CLoS. Trinket out of 6 Second Kidney Shot and try and get a 5 point Rip then Bear Form. It really helps to be able to get the jump on the Rogue, that 2 or 3 seconds can determine the match.

I seem to have the most trouble against Rogues because they always have something to counter what I'm doing.

7) Shamans

Resto: Lol

Elemental: Pounce, Mangle, and Shred. Maim when they get about 1/2, wait until the end and just DPS them down. Don't really know what to say against these guys, never had a problem.

Enchancement: These guys can put out a fair bit of DPS so watch your Health Bar, before you know if you'll be at 1/2 health after 459434 Windfury crits. Just do your DPS, 5 Point Rip, then to Bear Form. Survival and health are key.

8) Paladins

Retribution: Lol

Holy: Lol

Protection: This blows, Holy Shield = Dead Druid, avoid if possible.

9) Priests

Holy: Lol

Discipline: Long fight, you should win if you can put out consistent DPS and Heal yourself in a crunch.

Shadow: This can be a little difficult. DoTs and Mind Blast/Flay/Fear can mean Dead Druid, stay close, and try and keep them stuned/incapacitated as much as possible. Heal when you can, but watch out for Silence.

For the classes I put LoL, it generally means that if you can't kill them, you're doing something wrong, and feel free to leave comments asking questions if you desire more information.

It's late, and I'm tired.

You've been Hathorned.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Making Out Like a Bandit

Just finished up Attumen ---> Curator.

I got two new epics, one for Resto, and one for Ferlol.

Gauntlets of Malorne


Masquerade Gown

I are happy.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

A Whole New Perspective..

So now, I'm on a PvE Server, Alliance Side, and a Melee Class.

I'm making a new character: PvP Server, Horde Side, and he's a Caster.

I don't think something could be more polar opposite. He's my new BE Mage on Anetheron, level 22 right now. The change of pace is amazing, new areas to explore (read: Tarren Mill without getting owned by Horde that fly in immediately) that I've never seen before. The hardest thing to get used to is higher level Alliance running around and killing you. Luckily, I haven't actually been corpse camped yet, but I can't wait to get a little higher and exact me revenge.

The Mage is a fun class, and being a BE throws in a bit more flair. It seems true too, the Horde side seems more mature, and friendlier all around. I mean, I have friends on Drenden (read: 1 or 2) that are really nice (read: Zakarum) but the Horde is just more open to helping the random n00b (read: me).

So far, it's been a lot of fun, and I can't wait to level more.

You've been Hathorned.

(read: ...)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lurker Can Bite Me..

So, we tried Lurker for real tonight, and, eh, I hate him. I have tried him before and all that, but he still sucks. I think his learning curve is a little too high for his placement in SSC, but that's just me whining because we didn't kill him.

I'm so tired, I don't know what else to say, except for we got 2 Nether Vortexes, some Boots Pattern, and some actual Healing boots.

I guess it was better than nothing, especially with Tank repairs from the guild bank.


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Erm... umm... yeah

I don't really know what to write about, I need inspiration.

So, let's.. uh.. pretend that this was long, thought out post that was insightful and witty.

You've been Hathorned. (In small quantities).

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Blogs in the Links

Just added Doomilias' blog and TJ's blog, to the Links section.

Go check them out.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Holding To My Word..

So, I tried Balance out this weekend for sh!ts and giggles. It was actually pretty fun, and I was just using my gear that I had built up on my way to 70 leveling as Boomkin.

When I was leveling up, I had this notion in my head that when I hit 70 I will be able to find tons of leather +spell damage gear, and I will be a Starfiring Panzerkin. We just didn't get itemized that way. I didn't want to wear cloth, so I specced Feral after a brief stint as Resto. This weekend was pretty fun however, I have Kara entry Balance Gear, and I was getting 4000 Trinketed Starfire Crits in Shadow Labs. Then, I tried to do Heroic Botanica. Oh em gee, was that way too hard for our group. We had a great healing priest, and an epicced out Mage, but our tank was new to tanking and I hadn't Boomkin'd in a long time. Needless to say, we wiped a total of 6 times and called it after we killed the first boss.

This really discouraged me, and I started missing all my Feral epics, and teleported immediately to Moonglade and respecced with a satisfying "Ahhhh, Mangle, how I missed you."

So, I decided to make my:

Top 5 Things That Need to Be Changed About Balance Druids:

5. A Viable Form of CC, OR, Entangling Roots indoors.

4. A Viable AoE, something more than once a minute.

3. An OoC type buff but for Spells.

2. More Leather +spell damage gear other than T4/5/6.

and finally,

1. A small heal over time spell usable in Moonkin Form. This could in the form of a seed that leeches health from your target and gives it to you, or just a HoT in Moonkin, maybe on a Cooldown. Nothing gamebreaking, just something to help keep the Druid from having to shift back and forth to heal, but still have the Crit Aura.

So, that's my 2c.

I'm still Ferlol at heart.

You've Been Hathorned.

Friday, February 8, 2008


More than 5 people read my blog so I'm dedicating myself to update it more.

Expect more Kree bashing and more Cat durid skillz in the future.

You've been Hat Horned.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Goodbye and Good Riddance

(Thanks to VirtuallyBlind for the picture.)

3 days ago the Federal District Court of California ruled in favor of Blizzard in their lawsuit against In Game Dollar, LLC.

The article above explains it all, the lawsuit brought against In Game Dollar, LCC (read: Peons4Hire) back in May 2006 has finally been through court and it resulted in a permanent injunction against In Game Dollar, LCC.

I bid you adieu with much distaste, you in-game-gold-seller-company-that-I-hate-so-much.

This means less money in the economy which can in turn mean lower prices and a more stable economy in game. It also means that the world's largest in game money selling corporation is out of business, and that means less pesky spam.

Goodbye and Good Riddance.

You've been Hathorned.