Friday, November 14, 2008

Task #1: Checked Off

It's all mine. I've wanted a Bear ever since they announced the Amani War Bear, and now I have Smoky. (That's his name).

You've been Hathorned

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Queue Brings All the Hate To The Yard

So, first off, I probably wouldn't have gotten to this today if 2 of 2 things hadn't happened.

1) I got out of work.

2) There's a queue on Drenden, something like 12 minutes.


Now that that's out of my system, both of the things mentioned above happened, so I'm writing this post.

This post is about a slew of things, but most importantly, Ret Paladins.
Just like the rest of the general community, I think that Paladins needed a change, and Blizzard definitely made them too OP in the beginning. With the nerfs of 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 as well as some hotfixes, they have been generally reduced to a little above where they were above 2.4.3. Now, by little above, I mean they don't run out of mana, they do more damage, and with Art of War, they feel more like actual holy warriors. 

So, as none of you know, my first character was in fact, a Dwarf Paladin, he was the character on which I did my first raid ever, Molten Core, back in the days when the first Molten Giants might as well have been bosses. He got left behind at Burning Crusade after I got Hathorn to 60. But, with these recent changes to both leveling and pallies, I respecced and got to 65 in maybe a day /played... less? I'm not sure, anyway, it's freakin' FUN. So, the whole point of this part of this post is to congratulate Blizzard on a job well done with Ret. Sure you let us down when we got nerfed a couple of times, but I think they're pretty close to perfect now, and with all the nerfs we've recieved, it's going to be hard to justify more for a while.

*BREAKING NEWS* I just tabbed in to the game, and before it was 436 in queue with 11 mins. to go, and now it's 242 in queue with... 11 MINS. TO GO.. KKTHXBYEFAILBLIZZARD.

Back to the post. I went to Gamestop today and picked up my copy of Wrath (the CE of course) and come home, ate lunch, watched some Mythbusters, and then meandered over to my computer and installed it. The first thing I noticed was the speedy install time... ~15 mins. to install and patch back up, and I was in the game. The first thing I did, since this was at about 4:30 PM, was to create a Death Knight, level it up super fast and get out of Ebon Hold before all the kids come in on the weekend and make it LagFest2k8. So that's done and checked off the list.  So, the only thing I really have left to decide is who to level to 80 first? I've got some 707 days /played on my Druid, and some 10 /played on my Hunter. I'm thinking Hunter, because he's going to get more upgrades from quests, and it will give me more time to learn how to play (even though I was pushing ~1100 DPS in Season 0 gear pre-Wrath). Starting off with a new class has me re-energized in to the game, and I'm pretty excited to rediscover the fun of leveling a Hunter. I'm not even sure if I'm going to level my Druid before I level my Paladin. I'm under the influence of the idea that this expansion is really about Paladins. It's about Tirion coming back to power, coming from hiding to fight Arthas. It's about the Ashbringer (which I'm vowing to get somehow, on my Paladin) which is held deep within Paladin lore. This sense of lore really has me wanting to get my Paladin back up with the times, especially now that I have the holy warrior aspect that I want.

I've still got ~5 minutes in queue, but there's not much else that I want to say, and I think this might be the most wordy post I've written thus far.

You've been Hathorned.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It is now...

Mathematically Impossible for Obama to Lose!